Finally, a staffing company that offers a simplified approach to staff augmentation. Go ahead, read more about ‘MatchIQ’.

At RulesIQ, we understand that currently many organizations are looking for unique ways to reduce their cost while racing ahead.

Our commitment is to provide world-class recruitment capabilities mixed with transparent engagement model to complement our partners’ recruitment needs.


Learn about our simplified engagement model which helps take out the guessing game from staff augmentation. Our subscription packages have been tailor-made keeping in mind various technologies that are necessary for any organization.

These packages help in identifying the exact technology, selecting the adequate man hours to gear you towards meeting your organizational goals.


Our MatchIQ process assists our clients by offering them recruitment services in managed services. Using our proprietary analytical platform, we help you in selecting the best talent from a vast range of skilled professionals having niche industry-specific talent.

Client Engagement:

As we speak the same language - our vast experience with various clients in many industries has helped us engage at the highest levels with our clients.

Talent Engagement:

We work with our subsidiary companies, CTI InfoTech and Rawcubes to leverage an extensive database of resumes (over 190K+ Consultants)!!

RulesIQ’s Technology Expertise


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We can also assist you with

  • ERP
  • Web Development Technologies
  • Data Warehouse/ETL
  • Ecommerce Tools
  • Middleware Technologies
  • Business Intelligence
  • Web Services


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